Manufacturing and delivery from Thailand

We will allow you to ship orders until mid December 2017. Upon receipt of your 50% deposit, everything will be taken into production and collected. The transport of the container with the ordered clothes will take place at the end of February 2018. Already in Thailand, your order is packed in vacuum bags and seaworthy cardboard boxes and labeled. The container will arrive 5 weeks later, so in early 2018 in the Netherlands, and the boxes with your clothes will be instantly imported and shipped to you. There is no expensive agency to look at.

For smaller orders below € 200 net, an additional fee will apply for processing your order. This surcharge is € 25.00

The clothing offered in the webshop is sold by 4 or 5 pieces, with prices per piece. The prices are kept as low as possible. You can find clothes from 5 for € 35.00 to 4 pieces for almost € 100.00.

These prices include all additional costs such as packaging, transportation and import charges.