About Us

May we introduce ourselves: We, Ton and Lang, are a Dutch / Thai couple living in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. In Thailand's second saddle is a bustling clothing industry, with countless designers with small sewing studios. In these studios, clothing is produced mainly for the domestic market and of course the tourists. The designed clothing is a tone of creativity and color. Extremely suitable for the summer conditions in which Thailand is almost always located.

Only a few workshops also work for foreign customers and their products are reflected in collections of several larger (and smaller) brands. We have walked around the famous markets of Chiang Mai in the past and have been introduced to these designers and their shops. For example, there is a couple selling their clothes exclusively on the Sunday evening market and at OTOP. The man of this set goes over the creative ideas. In addition, we have introduced a young woman who specializes in tie & dye techniques, making the most beautiful designs.

We have specifically developed a webshop for these products that gives you the opportunity to sell these products in your store. In this webshop you can easily find the largest part of their collections.

Of course, you have some questions about the products we will try to answer:

1. Quality and finishing

The undersigned are familiar with the quality and finishing requirements of your customers for clothing. We ensure that these standards are guaranteed before, during and after the production of the clothing. Each piece of clothing is checked by us before being packed in vacuum bags that also ensure that the clothes are intact, leaving the long journey from Thailand to the Netherlands.

2. Dimensions

All clothing is produced according to European standards, which ensure that, for example, a mate M is also a Dutch size M. Thai women are a lot smaller and also the length of the skirts and dresses is important. A long skirt must reach at least to the ankles and do not stop at the calves.

3. Color

The clothing is offered in various colors. We check the correct color so that there is not too much color difference between the different hand-painted dresses. For various garments, including tops and dresses, it is possible to order them in a different color of your choice. It is important that we receive a color language from you. For example, the garment can be made according to your color wishes.

4. Delivery

We will allow you to pass orders until the end of November 2017. Then everything is taken into production and collected. The transport of the container with the ordered clothes will take place at the end of February 2018. Already in Thailand your order is packed in vacuum bags and seaworthy cardboard boxes and labeled. The container arrives 6 weeks later, so in mid-2018 in the Netherlands, and the boxes with your clothes will be imported directly and shipped to you. There is no expensive agency to look at.

5. Prices

The clothing offered in the webshop is sold by 4 or 5 pieces, with prices per piece. The prices are kept as low as possible. You can find clothes from 5 for € 35,00 to 4 pieces for € 75,00. These prices include all additional costs such as packaging, transportation and import charges.